Monday, January 16, 2012

Tammie Baird: Stuntwoman Profile

Above Pic: Tammie 2012 promo picture (To view pic full size click on it, right click on the enlarged image and select view image, it will increase to full screen, click again viola you have a wallpaper image of sultry Tammie!)

Back in 2011 I put up some pics on Tammie as she did a cool car hit stunt for a video. 2012 is the year of action on Dan's Movie Report, and Tammie fits right in. She is always up for a good fall! haha!

Tammie is experienced in a variety of stunts, and has worked on several cool TV shows and films, most recently NCIS: Los Angeles and Sons of Anarchy. Tammie is athletic, intelligent, sexy, hardworking, and makes an excellent addition to any project.

In early 2012 Tammie went to New Mexico to work on the TV show In Plain Sight. She was doubling the actress, Rachel Boston, whom Tammie said she was very nice to work with. She is now returning to NCIS: Los Angeles and continuing to double the actress Daniela Ruah.

Blast your browsers over to Tammie's official website @

Swing over to her stunt reel video on you tube @

Watch for more on Tammie on Dan's Movie Report!

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