Friday, February 10, 2012

Krystal Vee Autograph Picture Contest!! Post number 200! On Dan's Movie Report!

Update 5-14-12: The Krystal Vee Contest has officially closed. I just spoke with Krystal Vee,we have decided everyone who entered the contest below will receive on 4X6 picture, due to the fact that not enough people entered to give out all of the prizes, and in the interest of fairness. Another contest will commence with her next film. I will contact the people below who entered, and get their choice of poses, and confirm the addresses over the next few weeks. Thanks again for supporting Dan's Movie Report and Krystal Vee! Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more contests, and surprises!

Above Pic: 8X10 Krystal Vee Autograph: The stakes are high in the first Dan's Movie Report contest! The 4X6 Pictures up for grabs are below.

The volume of website views dedicated to Krystal Vee in the one and a half months since she has been featured on my site is over 20,000! In 2012, I am more determined than ever to give my readers what they desire on my site, the first contest is all about the talented Krystal Vee. Below are the Prizes and the simple rules.


One Grand Prize: 1 8X10 picture and 3 4x6 Pictures (Different Poses)
Two First Prizes 1 8X10 Picture
Ten Second Prizes 1 4X6 Picture

I am also waiting on autographed pictures from Selina Lo, so I am holding back a few pictures until I get those.


1) Compose a reason why you deserve the picture, including why you enjoy Krystal Vee's work in 50 words or less, and either e-mail me or comment below on this post. In the e-mail include the subject line: Contest @  templegod6  on GMAIL(.)com

2) In order to win, you must put your complete name and address in the e-mail. On the comments, just your e-mail and name, I will notify the winners.

3) The contest will run for a full month, and I will allow for multiple entry's, but only one prize will be awarded per person. If all of the prizes are not distributed by the end of the month, I will continue the contest.

All of the 4X6 Pictures are below:


  1. Jonathan Khan

    The reason i want her picture is to remember she is a truly talented actor and she has made people close to her through facebook and twitter,And i want to remember such a successful person in life who achieved great many things including martial arts and making people smile everyday. I hope i can have this one time opportunity to grab a very beautiful picture that resembles her. I will never forget she makes people smile in this troubling world.

  2. i usually dont watch b-movies nor do i purchase them i decide to give it ago, As soon as I seen the scene with krystal as the ninja it hooked me from then on, I was a fan of her shes absolutely ravishing and talented her martial arts is really impressive as well, I actually went out and bought a B-Movie Blu ray, i went out of my way to see who she was and her recent works was and found out she had a Facebook page and updates with news and actually interacts with her fans which I think is incredible because not alot of celebrities do that weather I win this contest or not i will always be a fan, Plus it would be nice to win my birthdays coming up =op

  3. Name:Noor Jumad
    The reason i wanted her picture with her signature so badly is because that ever since i watched Scorpion King 3 where Krystal is acting as Princess Silda and Cobra i was so attracted to her that i do a lot of research on her and
    i've watched all of her movie from the first movie to the last which is SK3(Scorpion King 3)i hope its not the last please! And all of her movies were great and i really really hope that i win this contest, but if i do not get the picture. I am still YOU BIGGEST FAN KRYSTAL i will still watch your movies and keep on supporting you. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face :)

  4. Samuel John Villamor Raguingan

    I have always been a passionate enthusiast of exquisite world class arts and performances. I've seen a great deal of outstanding superstars in the international show business, and I told myself then: "I've seen the finest." But I had a change of heart when I saw Krystal Vee act roles in her blockbuster films. She expounded what an authentic acting is, and that is, to act with elegance and finesse. She imbued powerful epic portrayals in her movies which enthralled her fanatics. I am one of her ultimate supporters and I genuinely yearn to possess such awe-inspiring mementos!! God willing! :)

  5. I love her work, she is a great actor and very talented. I would frame the picture and hang it proudly in my home. Krystal is pretty and athletic. Her latest role in Scorpion3 was terriffic. I immediately went online and ordered more of her work. She is dynamite! I also like the fact that she she answers your comments on twitter, it makes me feel closer to her. She is real and not a phoney! Very nice lady with lots of class! I really would love and cherish her picture! Thank you for giving me a chance to get a reward,. Sincerely, Trace
    My email is

  6. I want signed photograph because she is a wonderfully nice lady and great to photograph!

    Chris Helcermanas-Benge

  7. Wow, she is not just beautiful but dangerous, too.

  8. Junior Moe

    Im a very huge fan of Krystal Vee because of her great beauty and her talented skills as an Actress. It kills me not to have a signed autograph because that's the closest I would ever be too her. Having her read this will also be a blessing. :D


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