Sunday, April 28, 2013

Upcoming On Dan's Movie Report, Melanie Merkosky, Lead Actress In Continuum Web Series Interview!

Season 2 of Continuum currently airs exclusively on

Always on the lookout for independent shows and new material to watch, last year I reviewed the fantastic web series Continuum . Important to note, this is not the Canadian Series with Rachel Nichols. Ok sci-fi fans, you are in for a treat posting in a few days exclusively on Dan's Movie Report will be an 2,000 word interview with exclusive photos from Continuum Lead Actress Melanie Merkosky! She chats about Sci-Fi, Both Continuum series, and a variety of cool subjects, oh yeah did I mention Exclusive pics, trust me they are amazing! She is smart, great sense of humor and has a unique perspective on film and TV.

Here are my past posts describing the series, which follows Melanie Merkosky's character Raegen as she awakes from a slumber on a spaceship with amnesia.

My review of first season @

Series wins awards:

Official Website for Continuum @

Official Facebook for Continuum @

The IMDB link for Continuum is @

Melanie Merkosky Official Site @

Melany Merkosky on Twitter @

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