Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Actress Dionne Vincent! Rises Up, Hot Newcomer! (Exclusive)

After watching Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent, and witnessing Dionne's violent portrayal of hench woman, Freddie, I feel it is my duty as a writer to find more about her! So here goes:

Dionne Vincent ( born June 28 1985) is a British actress and presenter from Bristol, England.

With a huge interest in all genres in film and arts. Dionne landed her first film role in 2008 in Rob Ho's "The Landlord", playing pyscho siren Freddie. 

"Playing Freddie was a great experience, she is an extremely edgy character who is just completely nuts. It was an honour to be casted for the film as this was my first film project. Working with a great team I was taught a lot about film making behind and in front of the camera. I feel it opened up many opportunities for me. I have a great mentor, Mr Rob Ho, who has taught me many things from the industry, he is an extremely supportive and influential and valued individual and I'm extremely honoured to know such a great man. I owe him a lot and will always thank him for his great efforts".

This ignited the passion Dionne had to be an actress from a very early age. From very early on in Dionne's life she knew she wanted to be involved within the arts and entertainment and would perform at home or in school to anyone who would watch.

From her first feature role in 2008 this gave Dionne many opportunities within film, taking on many roles within the UK indie industry. Dionne has an interest in martial arts and action, working in a number of genres for film including action, comedy and horror.

From choreography for fight scenes in recent months for indie feature film "The Virus" Dionne plays Sister Price a butt kicking zombie nun. Dionne has choreographed all of her own fight scenes in this feature and will be set for release in the near future in the UK. 

"With a number of projects coming up, it's an extremely exciting time for me, I have recently finished filming for a great production featuring some top British icons, I'm extremely limited of what I can give away at the moment but it will be released in movie theatres next summer in USA and the UK. The experience has made me appreciate how these big budget movies work, the professionalism and dedication to every single person involved in production. This has gave me a taste of what I really want to do. I have a number of projects keeping me busy throughout the summer, from voice over work to film and presenting work, I plan to add a couple more IMDb credits by next year (well that's my plan)."

Dionne also enjoys presenting work, featuring at Glastonbury festival annually featuring on the West Holts Stage and working on an online fashion channel, Legslavish.

"I love interacting with people if it be film or presenting work, I find it a privilege to portray stories and information to a wide audience. I'm extremely grateful for every opportunity given to me."

For more info IMDB Link: http://m.imdb.com/name/nm4403530/
Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/dionne13
Twitter @ https://twitter.com/dionne_vincent

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