Monday, July 7, 2014

Florida Supercon Massive Success! Miami Beach! And 40,000 fans!

Celina Jade is the best comic convention guest in my 20 yrs of going to them, humble, patient, kind, free hugs, intelligent, and loves mangoes! She did a no mic, fireside chat panel on the floor! Much more to follow! Interview soon!

Here is an exclusive shado pic! Mysterious and Black and white like a shadow! Celina in a no mic panel she sat her chair on the floor and chatted!

I spent 30 hours in two days at the Florida Supercon! Please be patient! Much info to decipher! 

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Costume contest Sat Night, amazing! Thousands in attendance!

Troma screening of Return to Nuke em high! 

Please stand by! Do not adjust your smart or dumbphone, tablet, laptop, PC Iphone etc or if you can get internet through a living object please let me know!

All the respect to all involved with Supercon, moving to the Miami Beach Convention Center was amazing, 40,000 in attendance for the 4 days! 

All I can say is The ladies rocked it! Celina Jade, Nichelle, and Tara Cardinal! Mangoes for Celina Jade!

Oh yes to the thousands in attendance for the wrestling, that is also amazing!

I am up for 36 hours straight, mind loopy, heart focused! Eventually all will be covered!

Destiny Drives The Dream! Mike S. Broder! You did it!

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