Saturday, July 26, 2014

High School Of Zombie Movie Review

It has to be the Zombies! Coming straight out of the twisted mind of Minchul Kim and the action team K-Tigers, comes this fantastic 4 minute blast of zombie killing madness! I am on a real short film tear recently and am just amazed at the quality of the films being released. Definitely the "big Studios" could learn something! From Korean Director Minchul Kim comes a 4 minute whirlwind of violent insanity, High School Of Zombie, is in the vein of Resident Evil, and features a very cute, but extremely brutal Tae-Mi she is just earth shattering vicious as the zombie killer. She is armed with a gilded Kama and knows how to wield it.

The setting in High School of Zombie, is of course an actual high school. Producer/Writer/Director Minchul Kim makes great use of natural light shining through the huge windows, and also does a masterful job at color correcting for the final film. At the end of the short he split screens the action shot with the finished project, to allow views to see the original, and the difficult work with post production. More behind the scenes will be added in the coming weeks so watch on YouTube.

Tae-Mi is so amazing as an action actress, she is fast, has lightning crisp moves, and emotive facial expressions. Tae-Mi is ready to take the next step into feature film and her work in action has really paid off In High School Of Zombie! Watch for more from her on Dan's Movie Report!

I cannot wait to see more from Minchul and his concepts, and from the K-Tigers Team, they are creative, and amazing, creating a masterful fight sequence for the film. High School Of Zombie, is fantastic, a must watch, and should be made into a feature film or web series, I rate this gory, brutal, zombie film at a 9 out of 10!

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