Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Actor/Producer Dean Alexandrou Interview Exclusive! (C) 2014 Danny Shamon- Dan's Movie Report

The mark of a good action film is how active the main characters are. Running, fighting, falling, diving or shooting, Dean Alexandrou has put out some of the finest independent short action films ever made. His abilities of free running mixed with stunts and fighting are mind blowing, and mesmerizing to behold. Dean takes a short break from filming his new film Reflex for a short chat about the project, oh and yes that is him on the 27th floor ledge 3-2-1- GO!

Hi Dean how are you, where are you for the interview?

Hi there Dan, I am on rhe 27th floor on top of a Bangkok skyscraper with Ron Smoorenberg where we are shooting Reflex.

How did you develop the conceptual idea for Reflex?

The concept for Reflex arose because I love Philip K. Dick books. I love these stories about false realities, is the world around you real. Films like Total Recall, Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Patriot Games, The Truman Show, Vanilla Sky, etc... These films are inspired by Philip K. Dick stories. Of course I love action movies, and I love Jackie Chan. It is a combination of those two.

Chat about selecting the cast and crew for Reflex.

They have to be enthusiastic, they have to be passionate. If, in addition to that, I can find people that are also skillful, then that is who I want to work with. The very, very first requirement is, that they are nice to work with. I don't want to spend months of my life with people that are hard to work with. I try very hard to structure this as much like a family as I can. If you are making a family and you can pick the people who can be in it you want people you can trust, people that care about you, people that work hard, people that look out for the good of the entire family. Everyone working on Reflex fits this criteria.

Chat about the stunt teams.

Since I arrived in Thailand awhile ago there are two stunt teams. On reflex I have worked with Jaika Stunts They are both hard working teams, very skillful and very talented. I owe them a lot, they have helped me out, and we have worked on many projects together.

You have worked with the talented actress/martial artist Selina Lo on several projects, discuss what makes her special to work with.

Selina has an amazing work ethic, an amazing attitude, and how she approaches her work, and the way she treats people around her. Selina is always respectful, she is genuinely kind, she is a joy to be around and to have on a set.

One more view from the 27th floor Dean...

Here you go and it is a long way down! That's it, thanks for the chat.

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