Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hit Girls Movie Review (Short Film)

The year of action on Dan's Movie Report rolls on with another fantastic action short. Hit Girls is a bad ass action short from the delightfully creative, yet slightly twisted mind of Maria Tran comes a 17 minute blast of insanity where the ladies take center stage in the action

JuJu Chan and Maria Tran are bad ass hired guns. Maria is a cigarette smoking hard ass, and JuJu Chan is a hard talking, straight shooting assassin with a devious side, sultry smile, and really red lipstick. The film opens with a crazy fight sequence where Maria is fighting a few guys and woosh JuJu Chan rolls in in the tightest outfit possible, guns blazing, to take out the guys. While this is going on Maria sites on the sidelines and calmly smokes a cigarette.

Their next assignment takes the intrepid ladies to a seedy club. Dressing up as school girls, JuJu being the more sexy one and Maria being the conservative one. While the deadly beauties seek out their target the cops roll in, watch and find out what happens!

Copious amounts of action coupled with a bit of humor thrown in makes Hit Girls a guilty pleasure watch. JuJu Chan is a real rising action star and Maria Tran is an up and coming film maker. The two work well together and I am looking forward to checking out more of their work in the near future.

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  1. Dan review Maria trans enter the dojo 2 compared to the first one I think its 1 year apart interest to see what your thoughts are.
    they both have great action comedy


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