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Director Roel Reiné Exclusive Interview! Marvel's Inhumans Chat! IMAX!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, Executive Producer and Inhuman's IMAX director Roel Reiné chats exclusively about the series! ABC Television will release the series beginning September 29th . The eight episode series will include all of the characters in the Inhuman's Universe. Roel directed the first two episodes, shot in Hawaii, exclusively on the new Alexa 65MM 4k IMAX cameras. As usual, my interviews and film reviews contain no plot spoilers, so feel free to enjoy at your leisure.

DMR: I saw you were one of the Executive Producers and directed the first two IMAX episodes, how involved were you with the casting of the series including the selection of Black Bolt?

RR; What happens is you throw some names on a piece of paper as a director, and then you present them to Marvel and to ABC. Then Marvel and ABC does the same thing. They pick out names. We bring the two lists together, and start seeing if they are available, if they desire to do the project. It is a collaboration, but in the end it is actually Marvel and ABC that makes the decision about the lead actors. I was really happy with that. I think the guys we got, all of them are fantastic actors. I was really happy with all the choices. With some castings I am in the room, some castings are just done with Marvel and ABC.

Above: IMDB poster for Inhumans!

DMR: Chat about the series, premiere date and number of episodes.

RR: Yes the premiere is Friday September 1st in IMAX, but only the two episodes a two week window. (Ed Note- the first two episodes air in the IMAX like a movie) The Inhumans premieres on ABC Friday September 29th and the first season is eight episodes.

DMR: Chat about Serinda Swan and her casting, what was the process of selecting her for the killer role of Medusa?

RR: No we really liked her, we all (ABC & Marvel) really wanted her. We had to figure out her schedule because she is very busy. Once we worked out the schedule we had her on board, it was a smooth process.

DMR: Not wanting to spoil the plot but want your view on Serinda's character Medusa, do you see her as a crazy character or seething underneath character?

RR: Both actually, I think all characters in Inhumans are powerful, intriguing, and they all have to discover who they really are themselves and what their place is in the Inhuman's World. They all have to figure out the problems they have with Maximus. All the characters are strong in discovering themselves during their journey.

DMR: hat about the story is it one of those series that if you miss an episode then watch the next one, does it matter?

RR: Well the story in Inhumans is a progression, it plays out like one big story, so it is best to view all the episodes in order to completely follow the story. The Inhumans is a really intense emotional drama, for the whole eight episodes. (Ed Note-yes the first two on IMAX have much dialogue to set up the characterizations.) In my view it is different from a regular super hero show where there is like a problem, they try to find a solution, then they kick some ass. Inhumans is different, the series has more structure, more art and emotion, then any other comic book to TV series I have seen.

DMR: I am glad you said that, if the audience knows going in they know what to look for. Chat about if you like and or watch any other Marvel show in Netflix or in the cinemas.

I am really looking forward to The Defenders (Ed Note, I held the interview, in order to wait for the IMAX premiere of Inhumans.) The trailer looks really amazing, and all those characters together. In the cinemas I am a big fan of Iron Man. Especially the way he was portrayed by Robert Downey JR. I am a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, really fun film. For this year I really enjoyed Logan. The reason for that is it was very emotional. Really good characters, good story, and went full on. I also liked the fact that the CG was not that heavy. This allowed me to just enjoy the characters.

DMR: Chat about what advice you would have given your younger self when starting out in the business, and your learning process.

RR: I took a path I am really proud of, sometimes it has hurt my career. I made this really cool movie from Holland where I am from, and it won me a lot of awards, and Lionsgate picked it up. Then I went to America. I asked my agents to push, Because I believe in the 10,000 hour rule, if you want to become proficient at something you must work at it for 10,000 hours. A lot of European directors fall into that trap to wait for this one movie, that will make their career, that will be big and important. I did not want to do that, I have seen colleagues of mine wait 6 yrs, make that one movie and if it is not a commercial success be in what I term as director's jail, cannot make another film. I told my agents I want to work, to do anything that comes in front of me. I want to do pre-quels sequels, straight to video, I just want to shoot and learn think that made me, at least what I think a good director, because I did 18 American films. Shooting those 18 American films, that made me good enough to do this movie in Holland called Admiral. That movie turned it all around, because I took everything I learned and put it all in practice. That film, eventually got me into Black Sails and eventually now into Inhumans.

DMR: Wrapping up the interview please give advice for young directors.

RR: My advice for young directors now is they need to be directing. When I was young there were no Iphones, or small inexpensive devices to shoot movies, now it is easy. I had to shoot on film, I did not have the ease and technique to do what younger people can do now. You can get a very cheap camera, have nice editing software on your laptop, then you can make movies, nobody is stopping you from making them. I see a lot of young directors trying to raise money for a fucking feature and they are doing it for years. Other people are just getting out of their home and just start filming, and they are the ones who are now doing Star Wars (Ed Note, yes look at director credits on new Star Wars film). I think young directors should get off their ass and start making films, with no budget, cool concept, cool script, start shooting for the 10,000 hours so they can become good.

Thanks Roel, for another incredible interview. Very informative and offering your unique perspective on directing. Watch for Inhumans on ABC Friday, September 29th! As always, do not share news from other sites, make your own! Go hard and exclusive with Dan's Movie Report! 

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