Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstien Ousted, My Thoughts About Repairing the Company Image

Producer Harvey Weinstein's ousting after the New York Times expose exposes the dark underbelly of Hollywood that is rarely discussed, and when it is often times it is made light of. With today's news coming that TWC or The Weinstein Company itself will be re-branded, and the name itself dissolved. I am hoping that more people who have had dealings with Harvey will come forward, and be honest. Today it was announced that more names like Angelina Jolie, have come forward.

It is all over the news about his payments to several women throughout the years, but the big thing is, his high powered name is entrenched in Academy Awards and his films have made a mark on the landscape of movie making. A tough road for sure but, one possible way to begin to make things right, is by releasing his films, and having ALL, yes I say every damn cent going to domestic abuse, sex slave, and rape survivors. Wait what, lose money you say, yes! The thing is TWC, or whatever it will be called is in full damage repair mode, by doing this, it may be able to start fresh.

A good place to start, is the recent Netflix/TWC co-release, Crouching Tiger 2: Sword Of Destiny. The 20-25 Million Dollar film, was a Harvey Production and Netflix exclusive property. As of this writing, there are no US DVD or Blu-Ray planned releases. Wait, why release a film that is supposed be exclusively a property of the service? If you look at the shelves, the Netflix Marvel properties are very slowly making their way to store shelves. Actually Netflix themselves, an amazing company, is probably losing money, not releasing special editions of their films with additional footage, say  8 to 12 months after release.

As I trip off my soapbox, being someone who goes out of their way to support women in action, it appalls me to see this, women have it extra hard in the business, as there is already a stigma against them. The stunt ladies, have to do hard fights and falls in slinky clothing, female directors and director of photography are often slighted and not thought of as equal to men, and actresses themselves are easily pushed aside for the next person, who is younger and willing to play the game. I am hoping that more ladies will speak up as soon as this happens and not push it under the rug. My message to the ladies: Do not laugh it off, say something, and do it right away.

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