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Actress Nina Bergman Interview (C) 2018 Dan's Movie Report EXCLUSIVE!! Ben Burton Photography!

Above: Nina Bergman (C) 2018 Ben Burton (7-12-18)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, hard to believe that it was four years ago that I first interviewed Nina Bergman for her film with director Art Camacho called Assassin X (The Chemist) Nina has unleashed her power and talent worldwide by joining Letters From The Fire, and will be starring in the new Doom Movie! In addition to that, recently Nina has appeared on the cover of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 video, which game out in October. Grab a vegan snack and get ready to hear from Nina! The video & Photos were taken by Ben Burton --

How did it come about that you joined Letters From The Fire? Were they interested in you before the old singer left the band?

No!! I auditioned along with a bunch of other girls! And I beat them!! Haha ;) No, seriously I think we’re a great fit and we all realized that :)

Above Photo: Nina Bergman (C) 2018 Ben Burton (7-12-18_

Had you listened to Letters From The Fire in the past? What do you think you can do to push the band to even new heights?
I was a fan before I auditioned! I feel I was the magic link… Now with 5 people wanting the exact same thing there no stopping us!!!! It’s only uphill from here!!

Above Photo: Nina Bergman (C) 2018 Ben Burton (7-12-18_
I love your stage presence and movement, has being in this band inspired you to learn new ways of projecting on stage?

Haha you haven’t seen nothing yet! We’re just warming up right now!! Once we tour for little while I’ll make up moves that do not even exist yet ;)

Last question for Letters chat about the first video Comfort You and technique as it is like old style yet clear and the movements what is the inspiration and ideas behind it?

We wrote what feels good! We didn’t go for any particular style! This is just what came out!

Ok-- For the rest of the interview,  please check out this kick ass ABOVE YouTube video: The questions are:

  1. On To Doom-- Whoa amazing project how did you get the part, was it audition or did someone on the film call you up, was the part written with you in mind?
  2. Chat about shooting on location in Bulgaria, the cave etc?
  3. Universal Studios 1440 arm is great for releasing wide direct to video films, have you been approached to work on any other projects with them?
  4. Can you chat about your character in Doom? Who is she what is her back story?
  5. What are your thoughts on the rise of women in action films and in aggressive storylines?
  6. I know it is a tight window until Letters From The Fire Tours how do you manage with the different career paths music and acting? Is it a whatever is your mood or is it all in at whatever the assignment is?
  7. Is there a dream movie franchise you would like to be involved in? How about a dream band to tour with?
  8. On to the Call of Duty I know it is early yet what can you say about the project? Loved the poster, were you a fan of the games?
  9. Lastly chat about your goals in the future 5 to 10 years out I see you as music or film producer as your organizational skills are amazing, is that a path you see yourself in?

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    Watch for exclusive Letters From the Fire Interview soon! Also exclusive Wallpaper Images, and Contest from Nina and Letters From The Fire!!

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