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Above Image: Kelly Tandiono behind the scenes in Gundala. Image (C) 2018 Kelly Tandiono, all images on this page (C) 2018 Kelly Tandiono.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. In our second interview Kelly Tandiono and I chat about her involvement the Indonesian superhero film 'Gundala', which unleashes in the USA on July 28th, 2020. Kelly chats about the process and production of the film. In addition, she chats about her other activities, ranging for sports to being a brand ambassador. Kelly is highly motivated, intellectual and honest, always willing to work hard in every endeavor she is involved in. Grab a fruit smoothie and unwind with the lovely and talented Kelly Tandiono.
For further information on Kelly, please read our 2018 interview:

Above: Kelly and her stunt double on the set of Gundala!

Dan's Movie Report: Chat about how you got the role of Mutiara Jenar Sang Peraga in Gundala? How was the audition process?
Kelly Tandiono: Hi Dan really glad that you liked the movie and thank you for supporting my work. First of all I am really happy to be part of this super hero movie Gundala by Joko Anwar and Bumilangit. I first got called by the production house Screen-play that Joko Anwar wanted to see me for this new project. So I went and went through the process, he initially casted me for 3 different characters. I must say its always fun to do screen tests with Joko as he always gives you a different scene to play and he just lets me explore with my imagination. Therefore,  Mutiara Jenar is who he has in mind for me.

DMR: Looks like you were a bad girl, chat about your character and what ideas did director Joko Anwar talk to you about for the character? Were you able to add in any of your own ideas?
KT: So in this movie Joko said no one is good or bad. Its the upbringing that made someone who he or she is. My character Mutiara Jenar has a broken past where she was abandoned on a dumpster by his junkie mother. She was then picked up by “BAPAK” who then trained her to be a fighter who specialism on her kicks and raised her strong. In this story she also became a supermodel on her daily life until one day she got a call from bapak.  Before I continue, this was the background story that Joko gave to each of the actors so we can then explore and dig deeply to better understand our characters. Joko is open to ideas and he does a one on one with the actors on our reading. 
Above: Kelly stretching prior to a scene in Gundala
DMR: Chat about the training you had to do for your character how long was the pre production, I know you told me in Grisse, the team was very safe and did not let you go into the harness, how was the fighting on this film, looks like you did most of it, as they made it a point to show your face on camera.
KT: The Pre production took around 3-5 months. For myself was around 2 months of training. The production takes safety on first priority. All the actors were given a body double in case there are dangerous stunts. For myself of course, I did all the action stuff myself its what I have been training for my stunt double was mostly sitting down having coffee. Hahaha!

DMR: How long did your filming portion take, it looked very seamless, did you have to do many takes on the fight?
KT: For my filming portion I think the total is 2 weeks. Yes I had to do a few takes as the location was quite different from where we trained. We did not use any green screen it was in a real active cement factory and at one point they had to evacuate us while we were filming because there was a piece of cement that fell from the roof and the whole place was covered in cement and we all had to stop. They had to clean all the place and everyone had to use a mask. Was pretty challenging but hey it was fun!

Above: Kelly stretching between scenes on Gundala

DMR: I really loved your stern anger facial expressions, did the director ask you to do that or was it natural when you fight?
KT: I think that anger facial expression just came naturally as I was fighting. Although sometimes I have to remind myself not to be too angry so it doesn’t appear that I'm over exaggerating. I always say to myself focus on the eyes and eyebrow to get the attitude. Well that is my secret to look fierce. Hah!

DMR: I am curious did you enjoy the film? I ask this cause many people I talk with actually do not watch their own work as they see so much of it in the dailies.
KT: Yes I really enjoyed it! I must say this is the first Indonesian superhero movie that I believe became a hit in Indonesia. Joko made GUNDALA in a way that touches the Indonesian peoples heart. He doesn’t try to copy Marvel or Avengers but he uses the tools and his mind to relate with the current situation and interact with the Indonesians. Gundala has been seen across the countries and everyone loved it because it was just different. I personally adore his work and Gundala I must say was a success. I think I watched it more then 3 times already and I fell in love with my own character. Cant wait for Gundala 2!

Above: Kelly chilling a bit between takes on Gundala
DMR: Wow so you are shooting season 2 of Grisse, I know nothing can be said about the plot, but are you playing the same character, and have you read the script as of yet?
KT: Yes I am shooting 'Grisse' Season 2. With the current pandemic the shooting has been postponed to August I really hope we can shoot it by then I'm starting to miss the set and the whole Grisse Gang! I am still playing the same character as Hidayat and yes I have read the script and it is going to be an awesome season 2. So wait for it!
Above: Kelly Tandiono on the set of HBO Asia's 'Grisse'

DMR: Kelly you are an inspiration to fitness, what are some of the things you do to stay in shape I saw the extremely long bike rides, are you still doing some martial arts training now?
KT: Well fitness wise I have been always been sporty since I was a kid. Keeping in shape and being healthy has always been a part of my life not because I just want to look good but this is your asset for the future. Being healthy and fit will gain you longer life not only that, it gives you positive energy where you can spread this to people around you too. Tho some people may think I can be quiet extreme with my sport going 50-100k of cycling, doing marathons, triathlons and martial arts but this keeps me happy and put a smile on my face. 

Above: Kelly on the set of Gundala
DMR: Chat about some of your brand sponsorship, are you still with Puma, what other brands are you associated with? Chat about the importance for actors and models to be brand conscious and be open to brand sponsorship.
KT: Yes this year will be my 4th year as a Brand Ambassador for Puma. Other brands I work with is Breitling, Aqua, Nivea Sun, Sunlife,The Legian, WWF and Happy hearts Indonesia. I am very picky and take my brand ambassador sponsorship seriously as this defines who I am. I do not take brands just because it pays well but its because I love the brand and it correlates to my daily life. I am so thankful that there are so many brands that wants to work with me as I know I have my own standard and a certain image that not a lot of actors or model has. The key is to be different and have good relation to everyone around you.

Above: Kelly working out, from her Official Facebook Page.
DMR: Wrapping up, Kelly are you still doing the Models project and am curious do you ever do or would be interested in personal training sessions, I think you would be great at that?
KT: Yes Danny I still work a few modeling projects by request. I also still work with designers for big shows and magazines covers here in Indonesia. Even if my main work is focused on acting now, that model blood is still running in my veins. Everyone knows me here as Indonesian Supermodel and I still strut as one! Hahahah!

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