Wednesday, October 21, 2020

'English Dogs In Bangkok' and 'Bet Dead Casino' Unleashed! © 2020 Dan's Movie Report/ – Danny Templegod (EXCLUSIVE!)


Above: Banner poster for 'English Dogs In Bangkok' (C) 2020 Green Apple Distribution all rights reserved, used for promotional purposes only. 

Greetings valued and Dan's Movie Report readers! Danny Templegod here from Dan's Movie Report with some exciting news! Over the course of the next couple of months we will unleash exclusive content from two new films: 'English Dogs In Bangkok' and 'Bet Dead Casino' Actors Byron Gibson, Ron Smoorenburg,  and Leigh Barwell star in both films and are in the process of conducting detailed exclusive interviews that will span both sites. 'English Dogs In Bangkok' Unleashes November 3rd !!!! A review will be posted around Halloween! A massive, nearly 4,000 word interview with actor Byron Gibson will be posted with brand new exclusive photos later this week! 


Above: Byron Gibson live on the set of 'Bet Dead Casino' Exclusive photo to Dan's Movie Report and

To give a small taste of things to come, check out these two amazing videos, one from Byron Gibson for Dan's Movie Report and one for the 'English Dogs in Bangkok' Leigh Barwell for Both videos were filmed live on the set of 'Bet Dead Casino'!!!! All Exclusive!!! Kindly adjust your browsers to desktop mode at at least 1080p resolution!!!

Byron Gibson Dan's Movie Report shout out:

Below Actress Leigh Barwell live on the set of 'Bet Dead Casino' Photo Exclusive to Dan's Movie Report and 

Leigh Barwell shout out:

Thanks to the team at 'Bet Dead Casino' I will have a small as yet undisclosed role in the film, surprise! More information on this exciting development in 2021!


Above: Leigh Barwell in 'Bet Dead Casino' 

Check out the Leigh Barwell story on the Dan's Movie Report site @


Here is the trailer to English Dogs in Bangkok from Green Apple Distribution, please adjust your browsers to desktop mode!


Facebook Official Page for 'English Dogs in Bangkok':


Amazon link: (Note- the film is not yet available)

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