Friday, December 28, 2012

Upcoming exclusive on Dan's Movie Report: Actress Mercedes Brito Interview!

Interview has Posted 1-10-13! Click the link!

Above Pic: Mercedes Brito! Left click the picture to increase in size, Right Click the increased sized pic, and select view image, and you have a Dan's Movie Report Wallpaper! Happy New Year!

2012 has been an amazing year for Dan's Movie Report, I would like to thank all my readers worldwide. In December of 2011 Dan's Movie Report passed the 50,000 view mark, December of 2012, the 400,000 view plateau! Amazing! The entire site is my creation, text, layout, and promotion. My reviews and interviews are mainly driven by you, my readers! Any film recommendations are encouraged, my email is at the right of the page.

2013 Will be amazing, first up on the interview slate is Actress Mercedes Brito, an intelligent and talented beauty, who stepped outside her comfort zone to play the ruthless Catalina in Cartel War. Mercedes Chats at Length about her film work, Cartel War, and her hobbies outside the film realm. Also, as requested by my fans, hi-res exclusive photos, of Mercedes Brito!

In the mean time, familiarize yourself with Mercedes on these relevant sites:

Her official Facebook @

Official Site @

Twitter @

Youtube @

Split Vision Entertainment @

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