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Love and Vigilance Movie Review (Post #150!!!!!!!)

Above Pic: Love and Vigilance Poster

In the loving spirit of the holiday season, I feel it is my job as a writer to present the best in underground films as well as the big budget ones. For post number 150, I present, in my opinion, the most hysterical action comedic 9 minutes ever filmed. The amazing part is that only two people were involved in the entire production including playing all the characters, filming, costumes, etc...! In this day and age it is refreshing to see what just two talented individuals can dream up.

Love And Vigilance is the whole creation of two extremely talented stunt people, who are also damn good at acting and even have a good eye for production behind the camera as well. It helps that Monique Ganderton and Sam Hargrave are a loving couple because in this film as with their other film Seven Layer Dip, the action gets brutal, it almost seems like they enjoy beating the snot out of each other, all be it with a sardonic tinge of over the top humor.

Above Pic: (c) 2011 SamMo Productions: How does one go about obtaining a beat down from Monique?

Love and Vigilance is the simple story of a couple trying to change the rundown, rough neighborhood they live in. A simple knock at the door with cookies in hand, ends up a full on brawl with the inclusion of perhaps the most outlandish weapon ever used, I will not spoil the fun, but as a side comment, a gun was just out of reach, but this particular weapon had far more thrusting power and gives a new meaning to blunt force trauma to the head!

I really enjoyed the clever production values, as we see another couple in the background on a TV screen in a silly workout video, but alas it is just Sam and Monique playing the part of that couple as well! The fight scenes are filmed at the proper angles, thus you can see their facial expressions and then wider shots for the more rough stuff. Love and Vigilance is the best short film I have witnessed since Red Princess Blues.

Above Pic: (C) 2011 SamMo Productions: A workout video in the background adds to the fun!

This film is a MUST see, and Monique, please tell us who is your prop master? That was a weapon far more dangerous than any whip chain, kama, or bo-staff! Love And Vigilance rates a 9 out of 10 for epic fights and slapstick humor. At a mere 9 minutes repeat watching is well worth it. I cannot wait to see what comes next out the twisted minds of Sam and Monique!

Sam and Monique have formed their own production company called SamMo productions a combination of their two names and also the first name of the legendary round mound of action on the ground: Sammo Hung! Look for full length features from the pair shortly, and check out sexy Monique in The new Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters flick in 2012.

Check the SamMo website out at

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