Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mortal Kombat Legacy II Mileena Exclusive Wallpaper! Michelle Lee in Action!!

Image Credit: machinima (2013) (Screencap: Dan's Movie Report

Greetings fellow humans, a Tarkatan warrior is running amok among us! Here are four captures of said warrior named Mileena, Aka Michelle Lee! She kicks ass, takes names, and leaves no one left alive! Check out her exclusive interview on Dan's Movie Report!

Watch the brand new season of Mortal Kombat Legacy, all episodes are on Youtube Exclusively from Machinima!

Visit her newly designed homepage if you are not mortally frightened, or even if you are! , and check out her IMDB page: @

Check out this cool 2 part video interview of Michelle in Asians On Film!

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