Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bullets Blades and Blood Blasts into Production! Exclusive Photos! Updates!

Update 10-12-13: Exclusive Set Photos!

                                           Tim Lajcik (former UFC fighter) as Steel
                       Lead actor and actress Robert Parham as Marcus Blades and Kenya                                            Placido as Neva
                                     Darryl Vidal (from the film "The Karate Kid)

Above Pic: Chyna McCoy and Art Camacho (c) 2013 Arline Barshinger

Recently I contacted Art Camacho and  Aka Chyna, and they informed me of a cool new film in production called Bullets Blades and Blood. The film promises full on action, super cool fight's and some sexy action ladies as well! Art is an experienced fight co=ordinatior, with dozens of films under his belt. Chyna is an experienced action actor, click on their names to reveal more info on IMDB.

The film has a great Facebook page set up full of pictures and info, shoot your browsers over to  after you press like, check out this short clip called "Trouble For Breakfast"

In this film looks like there will be trouble morning, noon and night, and maybe even mid-day, there will be hell to pay! Check out the picture below!

"There's more bodies in here than in a cemetery"
— with Anquenitta Williams, Arlene Barshinger, Big-Spence Spencer and Chyna Mccoy.

Watch for more exclusives from Dan's Movie Report, in the meantime, Check out the upcoming Art Camacho film fighting seminar November 2nd in Chula Vista, CA! Click on flyer for full information or call 619-804-5000 fore more details! This is a great opportunity to meet and train with the legend Art. Art not only knows a lot about action, he is so wiling to help others! I recommend this to everyone, even those who will not be fighting on film, as it will give you a better understanding what goes on behind the scenes. DO IT!

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