Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prepare to 'JumpStart'! Hot new action Parkour film set to release soon!

Get ready, Get set, JumpStart! Check out this ultra bad ass trailer Above: Press play, hurry up, press play!

Run your browsers, with no protection, no vests, no harnesses, no wires, to the official Facebook Page and Press Like, Press Like, what are you waiting for, PRESS LIKE!


Synopsis: Action/Adventure short film about a new recruit doing all he can to complete his first assignment no matter how many obstacles or hired assassin's get in his way! Hired Assassin's I say, HIRED ASSASSIN'S!

Full Description: JumpStart is an action-adventure short film that revolves around Kid (Ben Jenkin). Highly skilled and fresh out of the academy, Kid is vying for recruitment by a major firm in the business of contract killing. With no actual field experience on his resume, he is offered an unofficial, covert JumpStart assignment from a chief superior (Tamiko Brownlee). Kid is tasked with intercepting a stolen flash drive and "retiring" a rogue agent. What starts as routine, quickly unravels into something far more dangerous. Written by Jason Swea

In case you were wondering who the mysterious Chief Superior is! This is  she is a superior martial artist and rising action star!
Also Tamiko provides personal protection hahaa, for Dan's Movie Report, enjoy this exclusive picture below from American Ninja Warrior! See Tamiko's earlier action short Reverse Mugging:
So, Get Ready for exclusives from the cast of JumpStart and prepare to run, or be run over! Check out the cast below! 

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