Monday, May 12, 2014

Kimberly Arland, Commercial Success and a Positive Attitude!

 Above Pic: (C) 2013 Groupon

Acting and work in Hollywood is often very difficult to come by. Starring in a commercial or series of commercials can often be a stepping stone to further success. Kimberly Arland has a couple of cool commercials out, that should further her career. Kimberly is smart, humble and very hard working. I particularly like the Groupon commercial which shows Kimberly's great smile portraying a student pilot. Kimberly has a clear speaking voice, and should transition smoothly into more feature work in the future.

In addition Kimberly is also in this commercial

Her IMDB page is @

Check out Kimberly's Youtube page for more info @

She has also been in both new Star Trek films!  Watch for more of her in the future of Dan's Movie Report!

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