Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stuntwoman Ming Qiu has an official site!

Above pic: Alluring and Dangerous Ming Qiu at the 2009 Taurus Awards Show from her official site.

Above pic: Ming and I from the final Dragonfest in November of 2004.

I interviewed Ming For Vengeance Magazine almost 8 years ago! She is an amazing lady with a diverse body of work including several stunt awards and nominations. I spoke with her this evening, she is working on several big movies in 2012 so, guess what, another interview is in the works for 2012!

Ming doubled Lucy Liu in Kill Bill, did the hard hits and falls in the Die Hard 4 (Live Free Die Hard) as the stunt double for Maggie Q, and trained Milla to use a sword for Ultraviolet. Stunt people breath life and make the movies as exciting as they can be. Ming has several decades of martial arts experience and a unique perspective on the industry. She is extremely professional and makes an excellent addition to any project.

Slice your Browsers to her official site @

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